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Mission & Vision

Missions of the Clinic:
Advance Animal Health Care Services & vaccination centre started its activities last two years ago and serving the ailing pets and caged birds with a mission that it will ensure the companion animal’s ailments, to give them protection from contagious & infectious disease through vaccination and treatment services with diagnostic facilities.More over, the centre has the mission in near future to open ambulatory veterinary services through a mobile ambulatory clinic which will provide services to the doorsteps of pet owners in and around the Dhaka city dwellers, who quiet often face serious problem to bring their pet to the hospital or private service centre due to serious prevailing traffic jam in the city.
Visions of the Clinic:
It denotes the distant future of the noble services provided by the Advance Animal Science Co. Ltd. for the companion animals in and around the Dhaka city.However, this type of programs along with the ambulatory veterinary services will gradually start in different city and greater district towns in near future. In the long run company have the noble attitude to create a nation wide private veterinary services which will not only covers the companion animals & birds but also this services encompass the health service of productive animal like Cow, Buffalo Cow & Goat etc. of the country. Because statistics shows than only 15% of good ailing animal populations at present comes under health covers by the DLS in the country. Therefore, private veterinary service is the demand of time in the country which can’t be denied in any way.         


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In this clinic, everyday in a week except Tuesday, pet care health services are provided with utmost care by the experienced veterinary doctors from 11 AM to 7 PM.

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EURICAN DHPPI2-LR For Dog's Seven (7) Disease protection.

DRONTAL-PLUS For Dog's & Cat's De-warming


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Dhaka University Market, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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