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Service Provided by the animal health care centre:
The following services are provided now a day from the animal health centre…
a)    Treatment services are provided by the centre for companions’ animals (Dog, Cat, Rabbit & caged birds).
b)    Vaccination services are provided for all kind of pets from the centre.
c)    Treatments are provided for all kinds of Rabbits & birds.
d)    Post mortem services are provided for all kinds of companion animals and birds.
e)    Surgical operation like castration and legation services are being provided for Dogs & cats.
f)    Euthanasia services (painless killing) of Dogs & Cats are being provided from the centre.
g)    Hair & nail cutting service provided by the centre routinely.
h)    Prescriptions are provided after examining the animals.
i)    Limited number of medicines and vaccines are also available for the pet owners.

Opening and Closing Time:
The centre is open for the pet owners from Wednesday to Monday every week at 11 AM to 7 PM.
Tuesday is the weekly closing day.

Doctors Working in the Service Centre:
a)    Dr. Somnath Chakma
D.V.M. (BAU), BCS (Livestock)
Govt. Registration No: BVC-0116

b)    Dr. M. Ahmed Mamun
D.V.M. (BAU), M.Sc. (Vet. Medicine)
D.T.V.M. (Edin) UK, BCS (Livestock),
P.G.T. (Drug Assay) Indonesia.
Ex. Principal Dinajpur Govt. Veterinary College,
Govt. Registration No: BVC-0300

Both the doctors rendering their services in the clinic fulltime everyday.





Latest News

In this clinic, everyday in a week except Tuesday, pet care health services are provided with utmost care by the experienced veterinary doctors from 11 AM to 7 PM.

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Advance animal health CARE services. 214-215 Katabon,
Dhaka University Market, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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