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Welcome to Advance Animal Health CARE Services...The peoples Republic of the Bangladesh had been promulgated an order in 2009, that henceforth private veterinary services could be launched by any private entrepreneur in the Bangladesh territory.On the light of this order, Advance Animal Science Co. Ltd. (an Imaret based company of veterinary Biologics & Pharmaceutical products with animal nutritional produces in Bangladesh) has decided to put forward a new chapter in its services initially at Dhaka city corporation area.Therefore it started on Advance Animal Health Care Services and Vaccination Centre for companion animals (Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Pet birds) for the pet lovers who resides in and around Dhaka city on the month of February’2011 at Dhaka University Market (Katabon, No.–214 & 215), 1st floor. Recently Dhaka city expanded a lot with around more than 10 million populations. The city dwellers had the only facilities for there pets at the central Govt.


Veterinary Hospital which is located at the old Dhaka city which have lot of road traffic jam. So, the pet owners have really had lot of problems to rashed to that hospital. On the country, the location of Advance Animal Health Care Services & vaccination centre is in between the line of new & old Dhaka city. Therefore the pet owners’ animal health services now a day become easier than the past days.



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Advance animal health CARE services. 214-215 Katabon,
Dhaka University Market, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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